Friday, August 10, 2007

In the US of A and its already a week!!

Landed at the LA International Airport - LAX - on 4th August and headed for Emory University, Atlanta on 5th... Shifted zones thrice within 24 hours, and I can just say - 'The ride has begun'! :)

Before I mention a word about the exciting experiences during the past week, I must THANK the MBA program office director at Goizueta, Harriet Ruskin for all the pain she took during the course of the week to see us internationals squared with our requirements... She has indeed been an angel! I have already started learning and admiring the core values upon which the foundations of this great school are based... No kiddin... I am seeing them in practice here, and I am proud of my decision to join Goizueta...

Had a great time meeting most of the international students joining this year... The MBA09s that is... The percentage of internationals joining Goizueta every year has been around 35-37, but this year the number is 45!!! And with the class strength increasing from 150 to 178, the recruitment office claims of a very high yield percentage as well!

That was about facts and figures... Now here is something related to the time... It has been flying.. You just dont realize when those 24 hours pass and you find yourself again amidst the coziness of your bed, trying to recall everything you are supposed to do the next day... No doubt, things have always been a bit leisurely as well, as the REAL classes are yet to begin... We have been shopping around for some while, ve have been getting our financial aid and loans settled and ve been travelling through MARTA - the metro... Had a great time seeing new places like the CNN Centre, the Georgia Acquarium and of course, the World of Coca Cola... More on the visits, later...

For now, m happy for being here! :) And m getting ready for the bigger challange... Let em come!



Blogger Achilles said...

hey righty....

i was so much waiting for this post of yours buddy..good going.....yeah time flies here in US of A and specially in MBA program , i cna understand.....need to talk to you have any cell number or any other number?? update me soon....and where are my bday wishes:)

11:49 AM  
Blogger mba4impact said...

Hey righty,
I am in the process of applying to Goizueta and tracked you from Your posts provide a great insight into GBS.
Hope I could experience this and more next year!

8:43 PM  
Blogger  Kris Wojtczak said...

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7:20 AM  

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